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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kanye West Check at the Emmy's ...LOL


dwm said...

So are you going to report on the new Jay Leno show? Scanned your recent posts and didn't notice any comments.

In particular, I'm looking for your excellant advice on getting tickets and more important, the big day of? Where is the new Studio? Has the ticket office moved? Are 'day of show' tickets still possible? How early to get in line for day of tickets? The first 30 rule still apply? When is the taping? How early should one arrive to be in the first 30?


GloZell said...

Hellow DWM

Thank you for scanning my post.

Jay Leno is in the same studio... You should request tickest in the mail. You should ALWAYS be early for a show... at 1 hour Mon-Thursday... UNLESS it's the Summer or Spring Break or some kind of working Holliday... Then shoot for two... you can never be too early.

I'm so glad to know that you are interested in going to THE JAY LENO SHOW!!!!!!!

2 years was fun and I have moved on to stand up and other projects.

When you request your tickets please ask about the 1st 30...

Enjoy the Show...


Anonymous said...

Hello from Mom's in Lincoln. We left on Wednesday, spent the night in northern Oklahoma, and arrive at 6:15 Thurs. night. Made several rest/gas stops. Jim did fine. Mom and I went out for dinner Thursday at El Torro. Jean stayed with daughter-in-law, Krista, who'd had dental surgery.
This is my first time on the computer. My old bedroom had a roof leak and the caulked two different days and finally painted when it was dry. I don't like the smell or to breathe it so I wasn't on the computer. It's OK now, but she has dial-up so I will have to watch the videos when we get home. I can read what is posted though.
Poor SK...asleep at the Emmy's. Age is a factor along with his tough/long job at the grocery store. I know he was excited to go! What an opportunity!!!
Jean and I are talking about our big trip in January!!! She and Eldon, E's two brothers/wives flew to Vegas this AM. She and Eldon have a room at the Bellagio...not sure where the others are staying, but all will return Thursday PM.
Had 9 here for NU's Pay-per-view football game & dinner Saturday night. I finally sent all the tax info. to our CPA this afternoon after going with Mom for blood work and to the doctor for a check-up.
Beautiful Fall weather and the leaves are starting to show beautiful colors. Miss Casey gets us outside walking.
Mom's lived in the Country Club subdivision for 61+ years so a reporter is coming for an interview. Not sure when, but her neighbor is arranging it. She no longer goes up or down the stairs and turns 90 December 14th. She looks good.
Give Sk, Mary & Q, & your CA. family hugs...and hugs to YOU...

GloZell said...


I am going to BEAT YOU!

I didn't know you were going out of town... I have been worried... I called the number that came with the order scrub!

Mary, Q, SK and I talked about ... how we hope you are fine and JIM...



XXOXOXOXOXOXO! ( I typed that with attitude Missy!)