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Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy Awards 2009 Pictures... WE HAD FUN!

WELCOME 49TH Follower...I truly truly Thank you...

The day started with Korto Momolu doing some alterations on Mary's Dress
(GloZell you better not take a picture of me... I'm NOT READY)

I'm ready!

Double Divas! (GloZell and Korto Momolu )
Diva Cafe (Korto is always working it...)

Text Text Text ... in the car on the way to Z Prime Time Emmy's YEA!

Ooooh Sexy Body Guard and Chauffeur.... SK...


Do we know how to work the Red Carpet or what?... Hey

This is my Entourage....

Mary loves Parks and Recreations

SK chatting up with cast of Curb your Enthusiasm

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Kevin Beacon is dreaming of working with me...
( I wish this chick would leave me alone)

Shar Jackson was very cool... talked with her a long time... we exchanged info... Looking forward to hanging with cha Shar Shar

I CRIED WHEN I MET PENNY MARSHALL... she yelled " Oh shut up what's wrong with you girl"... Penny was joking and was such a sweetheart... I LOVE HER!

I love the White Shadow... very nice very gracious

Oh Terri is so Very... looking good after Simon Cowell... She's a Brit but still and American Idol of mine...

Joey is sooo cool

Sally Field ... OMG! LOVE HER... She yelled at me also... I told her she is on the show "Brothers and Sisters" But there are no Brothers and Sisters... Where are the black people...
Sally ... put up her finger ... pointed at me and very sternly said " HEY"... like she was going to spank me... whip me or something...
I quickly told her how much I loved her... I didn't want to get whooped by Flying Nun... I like her... I really really like her...LOL

I love the show house... and she is a Vegan

My home girl from Orlando from the show Curb your Enthusiasm

oooh she was on my stories... All my Children!

Mr. Glenn Turman and SK... Glenn remembered SK and myself from the J. Anthony Brown's J Spot Comedy Club. I hosted that night and acknowledged that he was in the audience. ( He is a very good friend of J. Anthony Brown.) SMALL WORLD

Love me some 30 Rock!


Okay... I had to tell Bill that his chick he was with wasn't the usual Black girls he so proudly rolls with... (He laughed...)

Oh Nia is dreaming of my Big Fat Black Wedding... LOL ( I just made her laugh... she is such a giggler)

We had fun at the HBO Part-tay! WOW... Thank you Q and Mary for inviting SK and I to the Emmy's TWICE and the best party in the world HBO with Korto!

SK had a great time



Anonymous said...

I just checked this before logging off...AND THERE ARE PICTURES!!!!!! I thought they might be posted before we leave for Lincoln Wed.
Been working on medical mileage deductions and it's 3AM so Ill close. I will write later....
These are WONDERFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Today we got oil changed, 4 tires, picked up three meds and some trip stuff, made calls, washed,watered inside patio plants,& did tax stuff.
I'll bey the HBO party was a great one. Lots of those people I do not know. Just Sally Field, Kevin Bacon (looks like Kyra Sedgewick with him), Penny Marshall, Simon's old girlfriend,Glozell, SK, Mary, Q, & Korto. Well, that's quite a few.
The pictures are great. I know it was fun seeing/talking with all those TV stars. Was that Mary's Emmy statue from last week? You ALL looked like STARS YOURSELVES!!!
Don't know what time we'll get away. It's 820 mi. and we make many stops along the way. We usually spend the night in Oklahoma and drive 400 mi. a day.
Stay safe and happy...
MD/Jim/ & Miss Casey