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Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy collections...


Forms of Flattery... Thank you so much


GloZell's Ghetto Issues...

I am going to breakfast at the Celebrity Center... the last time I was there Tom Cruise kids were there and I got a chance to talk to them... WOW

Then Mary and I are going out so there will be an adventure... hee hee hee


Susanne Sus said...

How about spending one night in this horror museum, GloZell? :-D)

In Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London there is a section with all the famous murderers of London. Very frightening!

Have a good and interesting week.

Aunt Sus

Anonymous said...

He did a super job with Tracy. I always enjoy these videos they do.
Have a great time with Mary and see some more celebrity. Tom Cruise has one daughter...about 3. They other was probably Katie (hee). If you want to see him some more, go to Bob's Church! And how are Bob and Steve?
Another beautiful day today. Finally had to turn the sprinklers back on from no rains. Gonn be around 40 tonight.
Fergie went home yesterday PM. Joan and Danny came for a visit on their way home from the movies...2012.
Jim's been working on a western novel for a few months and is back on it today. He has fun with it.
I've has Baja Mexico. It was okay, but a little rubbery. I love oysters on a half shell. I've been pretty Vegan since New Years Day and don't really miss it. If only meat/cheese/etc. is only available I have it.
Yes Moonshadows with MARY/Q/SK!!! We have NO IDEA what to do where you live. Only been to LAX.

Anonymous said...

This kid is pretty good.


You are in the hearts, minds, and psyches of many...

GloZell said...


NO NO WAY... I spook easy ... no no thank you...

Ha ha ... thanks I am sure I will


GloZell said...


There is a 7 year old girl trying to do my Tracy video... so cute... kind off... I mean she is trying to get her man back with her push up bra so... ???


Everyone Mary , Q, Kevin work so I don't know how many days you are in our part of town but one of those days or at least a few hours of one of those days are with us...

Mary wants to give you a tour of where famous dead people are...

We are in Burban Area... so just google that.

Glad Jim keeps busy...



GloZell said...

Hey Leslie

Hope all is well... I found out from a 14 year old who freaked when she saw me at the Gap this week... I was with Mary returning something...

She was like ... ah aha ... I know you I was just practicing my Tracy video in the car... then I run into you... she was in star shock... and I was in shock that she was in shock... funny!

I tell you about that later...

Take good care of yourself...