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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Prayer changes everything... LOL

Well it's Sunday so here is your Gospel for the day...LOL


Anonymous said...

I just can't thank you enough. Such an inspirational message.
Halloween was fun. Jim stayed here because he went to sleep at 6:30 AM. Think it might be a side effect of the steroid pack for his shoulder pain...which isn't helping.
Jenni, CONNOR, and I went Trick or Treating. We got to the Haunted House with our cans for the food pantry and Connor gave them to two boys who didn't have cans to go through it. So we went door to door for a while and back to the house for cans and Connor went to the Haunted House with two kids and their fathers and Jenni/! went back home. He was dressed as a his father.
Jenni's surgery is the 12th, but she says she can have Thanksgiving at their house. They will fix a turkey, we'll do a ham, and she'll assign a dish to the others.
How are things going. Seemed a little tense with the unpleasant tasks of the weekend. And with the vampires/pumpkins?
A full day...trip to Austin Monday. Gotta try to get some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and hope Jim's successful. Gonna take a melatonin now...

GloZell said...


I never heard a prayer language out side of church topics.

Sleeping is the side effect... maybe it will kick in...

Yea Connor went Trick or Treating...

Wow Jenni is a trooper just like you... she is still having Thanksgiving at her house... good for her...

Yea... that packing storge... not good... I have to get rid of stuff... because now it's taking up all of our space... don't know where to begin... AHHHHHHHHH

You are always on the go... enjoy Austin