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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fine one clear radio station!!!

Forms of Flattery... Thank you so much


Cait said...

any time, Glo!
We had fun making it for you! ;)
and we're REALLY glad you liked it.
All the Best,

GloZell said...


I loVed it. I am so glad you had fun making that video because I have fun making videos also.

Thanks again Cait

Peace and Blessings


Anonymous said...

I watched the radio one again...4 or 5 times now. OWWWWW SK knows how to make you mad, but then you start smiling. HILARIOUS!
These two girls are really followers and you always cheer them up and they appreciate it. We ALL do
with our individual situations/lives. I would be VERY SAD if you stopped. You are like a shining STAR from this cave I'm in now. And, yes, your Mom is very special. You must have gotten sooo much love from her!!!
Went to El Charrito and ate/visited in Spanish. Took Jim and Casey back home and went for a perscription and then grocery shopped.
Jenni called that she, Jon, Connor, Joan, and Danny are coming Monday PM to clean the garage and put all our outdoor plants/trees in the garage. This is wonderful because Jim just doesn't have the strength. We have LARGE pots on the driveway (citrus) and on 3 outdoor patios. We LOVE our plants/trees and they never die. All were gifts and have been repotted more than once. Some are from the 70's. I baby them.

Susanne Sus said...

Old couple quarreling about a radio station in the car. Very nice! :-)

Sometimes I hear old couples quarreling in the tramway. It is awful how mean they are to each other! Then I am glad my boyfriend is living far away! ;-D)

Love you all

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...


Those young ladies are the best... so sweet. What cave?... you are never home... never... you are alwasy on the go!

Wow... MD... MOVE THAT BUS... LOL you have a whole team comming to clean! That's that must make you feel loVed



GloZell said...

Aunt SUS...

WOW... you crack me up... Glad that your boyfriend lives far... and he does live far... away.

Funny... SK can listen to static. It's like he doesn't hear it AHHHHHHHHH drives me nuts...


Susanne Sus said...

It would drive me nuts too, honestly. ;-)

Aunt Sus