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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Fight with a Cop

This is my video and it's doing very well on You Tube
People are so mad at me because I like cops...

I was kidnaped my Mary this morning... sorry I'm late...LOL

I met Ted Dancin, Woody Harrison and more last night... I will post tomorrow... too lazy now...


Anonymous said...

Are you at the Tonight Show or at Jay Leno's Show? Soooo you're going to go again??? I'm excited!!! And we'll go with you in January!!!
I loved the video. And I am happy you're a friend of police.
We went to El Charrito for lunch. John, Jenni, and CONNOR came after Connor's trip to the orthodontist here. I had pizzas delivered and we were all hungry.
A good day!!

GloZell said...


This was from the Tongight Show with Jay Leno...

The Jay Leno show is great ... you should go ... apply now for tickets give them a few days to choose from... it wasn't hard to get tickets before so it should be hard to get tickets now.

Great show from what I can see.

I don't have a problem with police... but wow... if you look at the comments from this video... wow

I was thinking more of sexy cop...
Bachlorette party ( sorry about spelling) so I was thinking man in uniform... the cops were nice at the show MOST OF THEM... not all but most...

Man el Charrito's must have some great food!...