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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Worst Singing in the World...LOL


I watch some of the Jay Leno Show last night... okay

The set ... nice... band the same... cool

Penelope Cruz was on... two clips of her... eh... okay didn't need two but hey if it was Brad Pit I would have wanted more

The Nanny Skit... tisk tisk tisk... I like the comic but the skit went way too long.

I like the Joke Hit your kid with this book. Then I watched something else.
I don't know why people are giving this show such a hard time... it's the same as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I will give my opinion of the Jay Leno Show All next week... Starting Tuesday. You know cuz I am apart of Tonight Show history... ( LOL true but LOL)

For my new wrestling fans... LOL


Anonymous said...

Girl, there ya go with that dang spider again! Had to fast forward again...these things should come with a warning label. Have a great weekend! Hugs! Penny

GloZell said...


LOL This was the Choir... hee hee hee

Enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said...

I'll never doubt pillow wrestling again (hee)!
Jenni's surgery took 2 hours and she stayed resting quite a while and then they wheeled her out and Jon went for the car She could barely speak and said she felt sick. She did get sick at home. She has been very sore all day today and they went back to doctor to get the drainage removed this morning and by the grocery store for popsickles. She's very sore and the surgeon had to sacrifice a nerve in the ear so it will always be numb. And the edge of one side of her lip is numb and may or may not stay numb permanently. The doctor said time will tell.
Today's Jim's 75th. We went to El Charrito. Not real exciting for him as he read his western paperback while I ate. But everyone wished him Happy Birthday and MANY have called today/tonight. He didn't want to go to a movie or anything and we had dinner with girls, hubbies, and Connor here Monday.
Joan's doing Thanksgiving since Jenni is weak. Usually a large gathering with in-laws/kids, etc. I bought the ham today and got other groceries and we are still taking care of Fergie from behind us until Sunday sometime.
Got a kick out of you saying that I was very easy to talk to. I hope you think so in January. Jean is a live wire and fun, fun, fun like you and she's 10 years younger. I'm an old fogie!!! We WILL have fun though!
I miss SK in your videos...only when he's upset recently. And I always look on his website nightly. You and SK are a good match and God is watching over you two.

GloZell said...


So the Jenni is resting... she has some time before Thanksgiving... that's good.

Jim went to the Mexican place for his Birthday... but couldn't eat?

I am done with SK in the videos... yea... that drives us both crazy... okay him... hee hee hee

Jan is right around the cornner!!!

Great! YEA