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Thursday, November 05, 2009

I will help da Chillins

I bet President Obama secretly looks at my videos and laughs... then shakes his head


Claudette said...

This is great I love it!

GloZell said...

Thanks Claudette


Nice eye ... Feel free to post any of my videos on your Twitter, Facebook, emails... anyplace... sorry if I asked you already.

Thanks again Claudette


Anonymous said...

A different day. Jim got his cut at the barbershop. On the radio on the way we heard about Ft. Hood down the road. Left us kinda numb and glued for updates all day/night. Terrible!!!!!! Those soldiers see things someone should NEVER have to see and sometimes are deployed 2, 3, even 4 times. An embittered military psychiatrist did all of the killings in a center where check ups are done before going off to Iraq/Afghanistan. It's all anyone wanted to talk about.
We went to El Charrito, the bank, and the library.
A sad, sad day around here.
And yours? How's the stuff? Any progresses?
I watched this again and thought than with different hair and age progression you really do resemble your Mom. You get alot of your natural funny spirit from her which enables you to be a natural comedian. Wish you'd talk about Florida family more. I miss it.

GloZell said...


Ha ha ha... Talk about Florida... that's on the to do list of videos.

People just snap... and he was the one helping the others...

People are people and they just can't go over and see that hardship over and over and over...

I pray for all involved...