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Friday, November 06, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider... AMEN! LOL

It's not Sunday Yet... But I couldn't wait... LOL


Anonymous said...

Damn, Glo! It's bad when you have to fast forward thru a 3 minute video! It was funny but hurt my head! Hugs and love! Penny

GloZell said...

HA HA HA Penny

Don't hurt your head...

Have a great day!


Paria said...

Thanks Glo! For making even the itsy bitsy spider inspiration! Lol.

Sad I missed out last night... how'd it go? I haven't been working much and I couldn't turn down the extra hours! LOVE YOU LADY!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your outfit. Very Esther :)


GloZell said...

Par Par...

Thanks so much. What a huge story and so close to you... you were just there. Would love to hear what you and you know who are talking about now????

The meeting was funny... tell you about that also ... thanks for asking.

Talk soon


GloZell said...

Ha Leslie

I was thinking about Them... LOL



Anonymous said...

Finding out more about Ft. Hood. I'm going to check out giving blood. Ft. Hood, you, and FMM have made me decide to check which hospital. The injured have been to several in the area. Obama's coming.
Not much going on...phoned for 3 doctor appointments, washed, etc.
Hope all's well with you, SK, and everyone. Remembering Par Par has a soldier here so know she watches closely. And another in your hometown today!

Tom Bailey said...

Kind of Jessie Jackson like. Very funny.

GloZell said...

I just realized that Fort Hood is in TEXAS... OH GOODNESS... yes yes please find out where you can give blood.

SK is doing well thanks for asking


GloZell said...

Tom Bailey,

Thank you... LOL