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Monday, November 02, 2009

Doggy Rescue



Susanne Sus said...

Oh, I am so happy to see this dog in a much, much better condition! You did a wonder! He is now full of life and likes to play with you! Great job, GloZell! :-D)

It is stormy here, rainy, the leaves are dancing in the air. A real fall weather. It is nice to stay in the house and have it nicely warm. :-)

Wish you a good day and cannot understand why nobody gives you a chance to perform professionally. :-(

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...

Hey Aunt SUS...

Yes the dog is doing great. Not scarry like he was before.

Rain... aw the leaves are dancing...

????Hmmmm one day Aunt SUS... One day... soon would be great...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's always good to see an animal's best friend!
And they give you sooo much love.
Went to Austin to my endocrinologist's where we discussed my thyroid and bones. I will continue the same medication and get Reclast infused again right before leaving for Lincoln.
Sent Jim's blood work to his nephrologist for him to see decreased kidney function. Could be new antibiotic, Tamiflu, the steroid pack, or dehydration. Gotta get to the bottom of it.
Got my mammogram also and ate at an oriental buffet for lunch. A long day.
Jim says he really doesn't want to make the trip to El Salvador this Spring.
Yes, go through it and if you don't need/use it...bye bye. Maybe another afternoon with Leslie??? It never stops except I am NOT making lots of acquisitions anymore. And our home is lots smaller than in Austin.
So how's your Mom and Dee? Are they doing okay? Is Dee moving to NY?

GloZell said...


Yes get to the bottom of Jims issues.. I know you will

Mmmm a buffet... LoVe those... LOL

Don't know where to begin... clearly dosen't make sense to drag stuff from place to place...

Mom is fine... Dee... ??? Don't know if she is moving... I doubt it... she would have gone while it was warm... I know she isn't moving in the cold...



Evil Shannanigans said...

Aww I love you even more now

I volunteer at animal shelters and you are so right, all they want is love. The best part is, they totally love you back. Your dog is adorable and you can tell he is super happy to be with you.

Everyone should rescue a dog!

GloZell said...

Evil Shannanigans...

I live in a guess house and that rescue dog is the owner of the main house dog. However do to work and the fact the dog eats everything he has a place in the back next to us.

So I take the dog out for walks from time to time... I can I walk by that face....LOL

Thanks so much