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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Elephant Bar....

PK was quite happy after we left my place day before yesterday... I wasn't
We went to the Elephant Bar
We had fresh rolls...
G--- I like the outside of the fresh rolls... not fried like spring rolls
PK--- It fells like foreskin
G---- What?
PK--- That's what it feel like
G--- (weird... gross!)

He at his food... and my potatoes... I had a veggie burger

PK--- Look at my picture of my new favorite energy drinkHe's funny... come one... that's funny Had a great time at the Elephant Bar... We went to this coffee house...

I had a Chi Tea with Soy... He had Chocolate Raspberry Mocha drink, Chocolate Raspberry brownie and a Hot Apple Cider... all at the same time... till he started to sweat the poor dear

Then PK got to go containers for all three... not wastefull ... never seen anyone get to go cups... it wasn't that much
PK dropped me off at home and said he had a great time... and wants me to think of him every time I hear Eddie Van Halen
Earlier this week I was passing by a restaurant and the owner made me a vegan dish... that was good... Caribbean food... Hope to have more soon...

I was looking at Eharmony (Wednesday Night)... anyone know if that's a good site?... I would like Tall Light and Somewhat Handsome? Age 35-50... anyone?... to desperate?
Today Thursday... I am going to the Reagan Library and a Car museum with Bob and Steve... Cool


Anonymous said...

You write, show pictures, and give us videos where you portray PK as a real jerk! Then you give in to your sexual desires and want us to believe he's not that bad? This won't last long.
Another day here at home. We got some more plants in the garage and pushed some against the house. We have covered patios on three sides which will help protect against tonight's predicted frost.
Gonna wrap some tonight. Have all the handmade stockings stuffed for 10 children whose parents work at our Mexican restaurant...from Santa.
We're sending a Christmas box to the down syndrome girl and family who went back to Mexico. Also one for our son-in-law's aunt, Suziko, with esophageal cancer in Japan.
With the bad economy we are going light this year for family. Have everything ready to wrap and we always give the girls, our niece, and our nephew/his wife a timeshare week for them to use any time in 2009. Jim and I travel and have never exchanged birthday, Christmas, or anniversary presents.
Our old next door neighbors' son in Austin met his second wife through E-Harmony, but I don't know anything about it. It IS a business and I don't know the $$$. It's different than just writing someone online...safer.
Keep having fun with those who really love you...

GloZell said...


Glad you had a good day... man still cold huh?

Homemade stokings.... aw... you are SANTA...

Yep go light this year... its a time to truly reflect on the SPIRIT of the Season....
Thanks MD