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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shake, Rattle and Glo!…

I felt my first earthquake last night! It’s official I’m a California Gal!

In line, I met Liran Elal (from Ramat Gan Israel) who is a music producer and performer of Broadway musicals and Jazz done in Israel. (Who knew?) He has performed and produced Hair, Chicago, Cabaret, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd etc. all sung in Hebrew.

Liran (an incredible Keyboard player) and his wife Adi told me, when I think of Israel don’t think of fighting. I told them I think of the Bible. They said they are happy people and the music industry is growing all the time in Israel. (They didn’t look happy in the first picture)

So, we took another one.

There was a drug bust at the Mobile Station across the street from the line. They took away two people.

Liran and Adi showed me money from their country. It’ a lot prettier than American money.

Guest: David Duchovny was mellow, nasty, raunchy, sexy and taller than the last time I saw him on the show. I think he had lifts.

I met Kathryn and her parents Suzanne and Steve Morris from Richmond Virginia. The older sister who is 29 and married didn’t come. Suzanne is hoping for a grandchild very soon.

Guest: Tiki Barber: The men who love sports, love him.

I have to give a shot out to Adam Bruce who is marching with the legendary Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. The final competition is at the Rose Bowl. Jan and Gary are very proud of their son!

Guest :Nick Thune who is a smart and amazing comedian. He is very current so I don’t know if older people got what he was saying. I didn’t get all of it. I love him and he can me on the show even more!

Amanda who is a member of my church (First Christian Church of North Hollywood-7: 30 service, the one that I’m the musician for) is getting married this Saturday 8-11-07. Amanda brother passed away Monday(8-6-07) from cancer. I had an interesting time getting tickets for 16 people! Before the show, I had extra tickets to give away.

Amanda ended up on a segment for the show, along with some of her wedding party! I just want to thank the talent scouts, Scott (who has lost over 40 pounds) and his side kick who looks like Ellen Degeneres, thank you for being so professional and nice to them. Being on the Tonight Show is just an amazing gift.(You couldn’t have pick a better family or a better time)

Amanda was captain of the cheerleading team in college. (Danyella an NBC Page was on her cheerleading team) Glow-Fight-Win!

A young lady who I met 7 months ago ended up on stage with Jay (before the show) and gave a shout out to me and asked if I could be in her picture. (Nobody ever remembers me when they are up on stage with Jay!) I didn’t see her after the show, I would love to take a picture of your with my camera. So if you happen to be reading please leave a comment! It was so nice to be thought of, I was in shock. Thanks!

Also enjoying the show was Fran, Mary, Jack and Lupe from Chicago!

After the show Jay had the nerve to say "fat people crossing" to one of the producers as he passed by ("R"). It wasn’t funny because Jay is bigger than the guy he was making fun of. Plus before that, during one of the breaks Jay stepped on Debbie (Producer/cue card writer) tiny foot. (one of dem piggies didn’t make it to da market) Debbie is maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. I think Debbie should say hey "fat man crossing". (Yeah that was real funny Mr. Funnyman)(Still loVe Ya)

On the way out, I met Colleen and her friend of 20 years Kristin both from Chicago. Colleen is celebrating being in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was diagnosed with cancer in November and has had 8 months (16 sessions) of chemotherapy.

Colleen told me that she was wearing a wig. (Girlfriend I know, I have the same one in my closet, I will bring out Shenna in the winter Okay) Be Blessed!

Remember, If you don’t occasionally shake things up in your life, sometimes God will..

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Glozell! I read your blog! are you proud? I am the strange girl that called you up on stage today!
I am sure that you meet dozens of people a day but...
1. i was with a blonde girl and austrailian guy.
2. we offered to buy you a soda
3. i was talking bad about the lady who sings and you told me that you worked for NBC and took notes..
4. it was the beginning of january and you took a pic w/ us onstage cause we had such crummy seats..
remember?! well, if you dont, i will not be offended.

btw. you told us a story about the weird cat friend actually complemented the womans can...not knowing she was off. the woman said to her, "you dont have to say you like my cat. she's a special cat.." and then she started yelling. anyways, if i get the pic on the internet..i will send it to you.
take care!
oh. my name is erica ...and i thought the coolest thing about the show was the 4 in the backround

Anonymous said...

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Kathryn Morris said...

heyyyy its Kathryn

im the girl from va u meet thursday!!! yo ur mad cool and i hope i come back to la soon and hit up the show again! thanks for puttin me in ur blog!!