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Friday, August 31, 2007

Green Hospital

I would like to give a shout out to Deanna Shumaker who worked on the skit "PA" for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Deanna enjoyed working for Anna Noble, Jenny Gold, and Karush(Sorry if I spelled it wrong) I loved talking to her. You can see "The PA's" on the the Tonight Show with Jay Leno site in the near future.
It was so hot that Adriana and Angela made fans out of newspaper!
Toni and her son(who can blow your mind with his guitar playing) eat at hospitals when they travel. The best food is at the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque and the worst meat loaf in at Encino Hospital. It's cheap, and has healthy choices. I got to try that!
Miguel who works for NBC just got back from Mexico. His brother passed away, but is in a better place.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno got free Philly Steak and Cheese! They set up outside. Miguel wasn't allowed to have any. It was just for Tonight Show with Jay Leno people. I guess its not for every Tom, Dick, and Paco.
Seth Green was on the show today. He was very funny. I love him! Everyone in the audience got a copy of Robot Chicken Season two. It's a show that come on the station Adult Swim. I watch this show! I love it when Mike gets dirty!
And gets clean. This was from when he washed after having a lava bath! Love him!
Collective Soul was the musical guest and the song wasn't that great. But I would love to collect the two guitarists. They were good looking.
Speaking of good looking. Bryan(The light skin black guy who works with the talent on the show) YOU CAN GROW HAIR! Why have you been shaving your head. Your head is not shaped to be seen. Okay. However, you are totally hot now! I mean, a whole bag of chips baby!
Remember, the people you meet going up the ladder are same ones you meet coming down.
LoVe ya,
David Beckham is the most beautifulest man in the world!
I heard on the radio that David Beckham hurt his knee and he plays soccer.
I don't care what he hurt. He can loose his legs and it won't matter. As long as he takes off his shirt! As far as I'm concerned, he won. He can show up at a Laker's game or any other game it's the same to me ,just take off your shirt David. Yes!
David is married to Posh, who is beautiful also. When they get together is like WOW!
Speaking of England people. I remember that I went camping with my college roommate Stacy Hernandez and her family one weekend. Her mother saw a spider and we got a hotel room. We turned on the TV and they were announcing the Death of Princess Dianna. We couldn't believe it. I wanted to cry for her, and her sons. Where were you? That was ten years ago.


Dan Wereszynski said...
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Nicole said...

GloZell, can you put my link under your fans column in the sidebar? Thanks

GloZell said...

Dan got it!

GloZell said...

Nicole I will be happy to do that. My cumpter class is Tuesday and that is what we will work on. Thanks so much for being a fan. That's so nice.

I'm learning as I go. As you can tell! Thanks agin and please don't hesitat to leave that comment again if Tuesday goes by.

I'm at the show for over seven hours and sometimes just getting the blog up before 11pm is the only goal for the night.

I will get caught up. Thanks again Nicole. Did you leave your link?


Joseph said...

wow. what you're doing sounds amazing! do you ever get free tickets to the show? i was watching mike rowe last night. were you there too?


Nicole said...

Yes Glozell, I left my link. It's under my name, when you click it. However, if you just want a copy, it is

I blog about my own independent films and movies made by other people, music videos and other fun stuff. I just found out that Jay is retiring in 2009 and I haven't been to the show yet. I am not in that area, but I hope to make a trip and get to see the show sometime before '09. I wanted to be a guest on the show, but I haven't got into Sundance, so that is kind of out of the window. So, I want to be in the audience, if only for just one time. That is the goal.

karen said...

i love that pic of diana & her boys. i can't believe it's been 10 years since she died! she'd be so proud of william & harry today. what wonderful (& cute!) young men!

GloZell said...

To Joseph, I love Dirty Jobs I watch it on every weekend! Show tickets are free! So please go to the show. Did you see the Simpsons movie. It was the best ever! I hope you stayed for the credits because that was funny also.

GloZell said...

Hey Miss Nicole! Sundance! Thats great. Maybe you can be on befor then. You never know. If they can put on children with vaccum cleaner collections they can put you on. Send your stuff.

Hey come to the show! The party wont start till you get there!


GloZell said...

Hello Karen, Ten years ago! I just cant believe it until I see what the boys look like now.

The young one is cute now! It took ten years but it happend. Take care and thanks for you kind words it helps me to keep going!