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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

GloZell and famous Black Men…

Good = Actor /Comedian Chris Tucker. (Never married, one child) He use to do drugs but has stopped. Chris has stopped using the harsh swear words. And a now hangs out with Bill Clinton and does a lot of charity work. I saw his standup act at The Laugh Factory two years ago. This was after he has cleaned up his act. Chris was in a nice suite and was boring. If he plans on doing stand up again he should hire writers.

Bad == Eddy Murphy. Very talented actor, comedian, singer. (Six children so far and has been linked to men and women romantically. He is engage to the singer "Babyface" ex-wife. (Tracy Edmonds = Gorgeous lady) Eddy has a baby by Scary Spice. (The child is not even a year old) and five from his ex-wife (Very light skinned model). Money will make you look the other way. He was caught with a he-she prostitute years back! Talk about trading places! You just over look that ladies? I bet if men could have babies, Eddy Murphy would be in court all the time. Eddy you are the father.

Good == Cuba Gooding Jr. (Married high school sweetheart, she is white and they have three or four kids) Seems nice, fun. Great actor. Won the Oscar for playing a dumb football player. In the movie Jerry Miguire. "Show me da money".

Bad == R. Kelly. Musical genius! Sick because he likes and continues to get caught with underage girls.

? Tiger Woods == (married, one daughter, wife is white) doesn’t claim to be black. (Next)

? Michael Jackson == (Married two white women-has three kids that don’t look black at all) Love his music. I’m a fan! I think that there are a lot of people who wish that they were something else. Like a different race! If there was a pill that people of color could take and change their skin color to make them lighter. It would fly off the shelf.(White people do the opposite, sunning, spray tan, tanning booths,tanning pills,Tanorexia it's the same thing. The white people that do tan, think they look better darker, most of the time they do.)

The only children M.J. seems to be linked with have all been non-black. (After Emmanuel Lewis) Michael Jackson always wanted to be a white person. Michael had the money and the means to do it. I believe it’s easier being white. The grass is just greener on the other side I guess. I have an uncle that has been passing for white for over 50 years. (Another blog another day)

Good == Sidney Potier (I think I spelled it wrong) (Married to a white woman, two or more beautiful children) Everyone loves him. Won an Oscar! Very Talented and distinguished man.

Good == Sen. Barack Obama (Married to a back woman who looks black. I believe two children) Respected, smart, running for president.

Good == Jamie Fox (one beautiful daughter from a white woman, never married) Very talented! Plays the piano, acts, sing, produce, writes, very funny. Jamie takes great care of his family!

This list can go on and on. (OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Usher, Nelson Mandela, Bill Cosby , Mike Tyson, P.Diddy Will Smith, Babe Ruth etc.)

Boyfriend and I went to lunch. We celebrated 12 months together on Friday but today is the real anniversary.

Remember, people have their reasons for dating outside of their race… or wanting to.

LoVe Ya,



Beth said...

Hi GloZell...I found you through Mary..

I'm married to a black guy and have beautiful kids....I think they get the best of both world's, ya know? But I don't know if I dated outside my race ON's just that I was attracted to HIM...not necessarily cuz he was Black. Hmmm.....

GloZell said...

Hi Beth, thanks for leaving a comment. I aways wanted to date outside my race but havn't until now.

Did your husband only date outside of his race?

I just wonder about myself. I was married to a black man and I was thinking if he was white the children would be better looking.

Do you think that ran through your or your husband minds?

Thanks for being honest and leaving a comment. So many people get angry or fussy about this subject.

Isn't it okay to like what you like what ever the reason?

I would look at white wemen with black men and think yeah. I can use that as an reason to date outside my race.

Take them all beautiful white women! I also would look at biracial children and think I my child is only black. They might have a hard time.

I wonder if other black people think that way. I never said it out loud to much. I'm sure it's wrong to say.

It'just a given that biracial children are beautiful. I sure my reasons are ... I don't know but if you can't look like what you want (light skin, blue,green eyes, long hair etc.) You want that for your kids? I think.

I wonder if somewhere your husband was thinking that. I don't think there is nothing wrong with that.

When you get with someone, you alway wonder what the kids are going to look like.

Why are you attracted to black men?

I don't see the atracttion anymore. I also feel if I do have children. what would I teach them without saying it.

Would I be okay with them dating a black man? I have to get over that because then it's I hope my grandchildren are light etc.

If you can use my comb don't bring them home sor of thing.

You just don't know. My mother teaches music class at a mostly black school.

Once she had the boy's pick girl partners for a dance or somthing.

All of the boys wanted the one white girl in the class. They were 5 years old.

My mother had to have the girls pick the boys from then on.

Not right or wrong just an observation. Where does it stem from at such a young age?

Do you care what race your children date years from now?

Did family members give you a hard time? His family and yours.

I could go on and on. I hope you don't think bad of me. I understand if you do.

Are your children the same shade? That's what I fear is that one of my kids would be light and the other very dark. And people would treat them different. (people in the family. It would probably be on his side)

Writing that down made me feel like that was very stupid thing. Does it really matter? It did in my family.

Take care, I hope to hear from you again Beth.