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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Glo’s B-day Continued…

I am so happy for Fightn’ mad Mary who got a great job working for Oprah!

8:00 AM line I met Jane (Kentucky) and Joyce (St Louis) they didn’t get in on the Monday Show, saw the Tuesday show and returned again today!

I was in line and saw someone from the T. S. ticket office. (I knew I was in trouble) So, I braced myself for whatever I was going to hear.

It was a Belated Birthday card. (Oh my goodness) How wonderful! They made it themselves!

Edit (Ms. Dancer) (NBC Pages) Al (Mr. Beautiful Lips) Aldo (Mr. Personality) Heather (Ms. Perky) Danyella (Ms. Little Momma who will be a great lawyer some day) Jade (Ms. Cool) Julia (The Nurse) and JOANNA! Who was very great at keeping guest entertained in the lobby before the show! (We are cool!) Thank you so much I was surprised! I love the NBC Pages! Love Love Love all of them!

In the T.S. line, I saw a big guy walking a big dog. I knew that that dog was the kind that fight. (Pit Bull dog or something). When I saw him, I thought Michael Vic. I’m scared of those kinds of dogs they kill people. So, I said, "What kind of dog is that?" He started to walk over. I said, "Hey is that dog going to eat me or bite me or something?

Big guy said "No she is a bulldog mixed I think. My name is Jeffrey and this is Myrtle. Myrtle is a rescue. A friend of mine saw this guy who lived in his car beating her with a stick, in the car over and over and couldn’t take it any more. One day she just took the dog, and now I have her.

To this day Myrtle get scared is she sees a man with something that looks like a stick in his hands". This dog had been terrorized and still was so very kind to me. Right when the picture was taken Myrtle licked my face. Myrtle was saying "its all right GloZell, humans judge me all the time." (Wow)

Just Married July 28th (four days ago in Barbourville Kentucky) Jerry and Judi had the cutest accent. They tried to give me money for getting them tickets. I told them the tickets are free and I was happy to do it. (Tell son Jake I said hello)

Shannon Sorensen a University of Akron Law School student was so much fun! We laughed so hard. I enjoyed her! Please be safe traveling and living in (Matels) from Denver to Seattle.

Shannon loved the song "Natalie" writen and performed by Wolfman (Max)

Johannes Gustafsson, John Nilsson, Erik Feuk are from Sweden and they were happy to be outside because they froze in the studio. (You guys better bring me a meatball next time!)

Judy who runs the Red Rock Casino.Resort.Spa ( and the Fabulous Miss Linda!

Dusty(Burbank) and Chris (Ohio) asked me if I was the girl who comes to see Jay Leno everyday! They saw me in the Daily News (front page) How nice. Thanks.

Heidi Klum was flawless (her youngest child is 8 months old) Don’t hate just realize that getting in shape can be done. Heidi is inspirational! (Hopefully to you GloZell)

Kurry Tran, Nelson La, Gentry Tran… Great fans! They travel 2 hours on a bus, slept in a park to see the show.

Richard, Megan, Melissa, Carol and Josh all from Pennsylvania! They enjoyed musical guest Brad Paisley who had a paisley guitar.

The gifts just keep on coming. Boyfriend and I are celebrating my B-day tonight and his also, which is Friday.

We are going to the Cheesecake Factory. (I couldn’t convince him to go to Bob’s Big Boy where Jay Leno’s picture is up) Boyfriend gave me two boxes of my favorite candy. Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts…and IF ROAST BEEF COULD FLY! A children’s book by JAY LENO! Complete with the CD inside.

I gave him the wrong gift! I thought I had grabbed the bag with a camera but it was a mouse that he bought himself.

Congratulations Woopie on becoming a host on "The View". Don’t talk about Donald Trump and maybe you won’t get fired!

Remember, never judge a dog by its breed….

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Glo! hope it was a GREAT one!


jill bryant said...

Don't be afraid of little pitties - it's the owners you have to look at.

You can come see pictures of my pit Honey here: but...if you check out anywhere from the Humane Society to The Dog Whisperer, you will see how this dog is punished for having bad owners. Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture of Jay Leno at Bobs Big Boy after the show yesterday. It was a good show...JC

shan said...

just got home from my trip tonight and checked out your blog first thing. so glad i got to meet you at the show.
also, i can't believe i missed "natalie natalie" the PUPPET show. this production just keeps getting better and better.
take care!

liran elal said...

hi there glo

its Adi & Liran Elal from Israel- got back to Israel last thursday to find out we're famous (:
we were realy happy to see you going up on stage that day(seeing you getting tks for almost 20 peaple that day...).Nick Thune was lol!!!
very sad to hear about Amandas brother - was there a wedding?

you wont believe this-Liran left his wallet and passport under the tonight Show chair-fortunately got back there 8:00pm to have found it. please say big thanks to lady cleaners and the guards at NBC gates.other than that-hope there are cool people waiting for you on tomorrows morning line (: stay in touch and tell us how is the
kisses, Liran & Adi