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Monday, October 13, 2008

Daily News... GloZell on the Front page again

To make a long story short... I was on the front page of the Daily News 2007 about going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... over 100 times...

now DAILY NEWS want to do a story about me getting kicked out... they have been following my blog

lets go over the facts shall we

Has gone to more that 500 shows and can prove

Made worldwide friends for life in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno line...

Walked every day with the writers during the writers strike to support Jay's writers and all writers because GloZell loves TV

GloZell's Mother who is a double cancer survivor was kicked out of meeting room when NBC met with GloZell... Mother is very supportive of GloZell and asked Jay to give her a job " He said he is looking into it"

GloZell's mother prayer team prays for Jay... (Jay told my mother she looked like Minnie Pearl with that hat on... she loved that he said that... Jay was more than kind to her)

GloZell mother would like to watch the show again before Jay leaves ( doesn't know that NBC has KICKED GloZell off the premises... )

NBC/Tonight Show with Jay Leno Head of Security told GloZell " You can not walk on the sidewalk" a public sidewalk... where strikers walk on it all day everyday for over a month
GloZell is very active in the community ( has performed to help raise money for Katrina Victims)

GloZell Visits War Vets in the hospital she met at the Tonight Show Jay Leno
Dating someone she met at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

GloZell's made her life at that show... everyone knows her

Has video's pictures of everything and has blogged about the show for over two years...

Started the blog because someone at NBC who worked for the TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO suggested "Why don't you write everything on a blog"

GloZell didn't have a computer for the first year... friend she met at The Tonight Show would come by during lunch and post pictures until GloZell could afford a camera and computer...(Fight'n mad Mary... thanks so much)

GloZell has had three birthdays in the Tonight Show line..

GloZell enjoyed the fans of the guest that came to the show...

GloZell enjoyed everyday at in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno line... an escape from the hood a few hours out of the day

GloZell just wants to watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno during his last 8 months but was kicked out for writing on her blog (Freedom of Speech)

Loves Jay Leno... loves the show his crew... all the people in line over the years... loves even the ones who met with her and kicked her out...(good looking people)

Daily News and I talked for over an hour... including my mental and emotional stress because of NBC kicking me out ... all my friends... fans... and so much more

Oh yeah ... GloZell is an former employee of Universal Studios (Storm from the X-Men... a true super hero)... all Superior conducts... high ratings in guest relations... never missed a day ... never been late... in great standing.... (just like Jay Leno her hero) (Universal is owned by NBC)
Daily News seems to think I am a really big story... front page again... they will get back to me... to set up time to take pictures of me across the street from where I use to stand in line to meet Jay's Fans for more than two years....

I think February is a great time to run the story about Jay Leno's #1 Fan kicked out at NBC ... it is Valentine History Month.... I love the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... don't know what's going to happen...

Remember: David and Goliath
I guess I will hang out with other people who were fired from NBC... everyone would stop by to see me outside the line... because I was always there

(Bob Perlow... use to warm up the audience until the strike was over... I knew everyone)

I love SNL... so it was hoot when ... aw what's his name would walk by... he knew me

I didn't believe that NBC would be involved with Sexism... I was told that months ago. by Hillary Clinton supporters... time brings about a change


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is really exciting news! It was my point to the person who wrote things I won't repeat that worked at the Tonight've actually made fans...
I watch Chelsea Handler and alot of the comedians...they say really mean things about people, you's part of comedy...but look at all the GREAT things you say and do!

This is a perfect opportunity and I just encourage you to speak from you heart and remember this could be a REALLY great chance for you to get your name out even more.

Talk to you soon. Back from school. So wiped out...we'll chat this week.

Shorts Girl said...

That is sooo great!!! Once the interview has been done and the paper is printed, we can send it to "Tonight Show Headlines" LOL!!!

I'm so glad they've been following your blog!

You're not alone Glozie! You've got US...your FRIENDS!!!!

Salem says...."Meow"

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

This was such an "upper" for me since we are visiting California and Mom is such a Jay Leno fan. Wish she could talk to Johnny Carson for you, but... He went to NU and his wife comes to Lincoln. Johnny got his start as a musician at our church in Lincoln. Dick Cavett went to our church to see him and his Mom was a prof of mine. Johnny donated much $$$ to pay for complete remodeling of the Temple Building where we took drama.
Anyway...I would investigate into your dismissal. You might set up a meeting. You were wrongly dismissed. You made a good case and I would want to know. I KNOW your Mom is sooo proud and sooo supportive and this would be her BEST Christmas present.
I have many more thoughts, but this is a start. More to come...have fun and stay safe.

GloZell said...

Talk to Johnny Carson for me...
How can I set up a meeting? They don't want me on the SIDEWALK...

that was cold... Cold I tell you...
um... I would like to see Boo's last show... I mean NBC could turn this thing compleatly around... for free...
bad PR is going to cost them... they can't risk the bad ratings internationaly...

So many people from other countrys knew who I was because of that news paper article... the story was picked up by other papers...

glad you have faith... thanks...
looking foward to see you and the Fam...

GloZell said...

Shorts Girl!

Ha... Salem... Does Salam know that I started Dark Cats say it loud...Meow!

Ha ha ha... send it to Headlines... now that's funny...

Thanks SG....

Laura said...

Hi again, GloZell. Laura here. I just have one question because I have not been able to keep up with your blog.

Were you employed by NBC? Is that why you were brought into a meeting, to be told that you were fired?

I'm sorry, I know this is painful, but I just want to understand what is really going on.

I'm real excited for your article -that will be great! I will look for it.

Go GloZell!