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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Glo Bless America!

Early Breakfast...

GloZell---- OM Goodness... PK called at Midnight and talked my ear off... I was totally asleep... I realize... he doesn't know what to say to me... so he talks about car engines at Midnight

Beta--- He is ... a Virgin

GloZell --- I know why now... I am going to inquire more about that Virgin stuff... I think he is coming to my play Sat.

Beta--- I'm happy for you

( PK so cute with his Jesus fish bracelet... size 12 shoe... so cute )

GloZell --- I know your behind been watching the debates

Beta---- Yep and Palin ... did a better job than I thought

GloZell--- Told you!... Republicans are fighters... clean, dirty ... how ever...

Beta--- Barack is still going to win
GloZell --- Great... everyone says that our President G.W.B. is so dumb... but he's the President... which means the President doesn't run anything...
who ever "They " want to win will win... I was in Florida when so many black people couldn't find the right place to vote... the place changed... given the run around and so many votes were thrown out... that takes a lot of organization... and the Republicans won

Beta-- So you still not going vote

GloZell --- No... why? I think it's cute you think your vote will count so... I am going to hope and pray the best person wins and they do what they can to help the country...
Beta--- Will you vote for me?

GloZell --- What?

Beta --- Will you vote for me?

GloZell --- What are you talking about?

Beta--- I can't vote... I wasn't born here... and I'm not a US Citizen

GloZell --- What? You... you... drive and have a job... a good job... and health insurance... I don't have health insurance.... heck I don't have a job...

Beta --- I wasn't born here... I can't vote... you can go to Planned Parenthood... they will see you for free... all kinds of test and stuff... Pap smears all for free...
GloZell --- (Silence for a while) You have to be joking... don't you have a drivers license?

Beta --- Yes, but I can't vote... so ... you don't feel your vote will count... so vote for Barack Obama for me

GloZell ( I thought of illegal aliens as... the guys who stand and Home Depot... on the news it's always Mexican... in Florida it's Cubans and Haitians... never thought about any one else really... someone I know... man I'm dumb or prejudice or something)
Beta --- Your vote would count... for me

GloZell--- O....K... if it's not to late to register... I don't even know where to go.... I will cast my vote for Barack for you...

(Man... I didn't see that one coming...)

Wow... now I can vote no to Prop 8 (all people can get married) and Yes to Prop 2 (humane treatment of animals)... I feel great about that

( Ha Planned Parenthood the way things are going if I have a kid I will wrap him in swaddling clothes and lay him in a manger and wait for the Kings to visit)

Barack Obama.... hmmmmm... well.... you got another vote...


Later Today On the way to Parent Parenthood (phone rings)

PK --- Hey what you up to?

G--- Going to Planned Parenthood... to get what ever test they give.. it's all free

PK --- oh... um... they give stuff out for free... ... make sure you get everything free they give ....

G--- I will (odd thing to say... either he is really great guy ... or a serial killer... kind of strange)

PK --- I think I want to move to Culver City... it's not that far from the highways and its... 10 min from you...

G-- Me? ( can't believe he said that)

PK --- Did you get rid of the mouse?

G--- Yes

PK --- Now I can come over... if you want.

G--- (Why is he so interested in coming over to my place in the hood) sure

PK... I work on my music in my spare time... and I work everyday.

G--- Do what you want... live where you want...

PK --- I don't have a social life

G --- ( I don't know if this guy likes me or what?) Be with who ever you want... if you meet the right person... you will make time... I need more than random texts... so I am not the one

PK --- Um... I mean I need a social life...

G--- (ticked) Look if you want a social life why don't you start with coming to my play?... Are we working on a friendship or what... because it's feeling one sided... I already stalked one white guy (Jay Leno) no need for two...

PK --- (chuckled) Ok... I don't think I have to work Saturday Night

G--- You better be on time!

PK -- Ok Temptress

G--- Why do I have to get all sister girl on you for you to act right? Whatever... we will go to the vegan restaurant then go to the play... got it!

PK --- Then what? Chill at your place?

G--- I don't know? Talk to you latter ... I'm at the building bye.


Why does PK want to see my place?... he is willing to deal with mice... getting shot... no AC... none of that bothers him...

PK has a nice place... he has...


OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH... wants a Social life... only 10 min. away from me.. .

Get everything they have... could he mean condoms?

hmmmmmmmmmmm? Can't wait for Saturday now... YES!


Remember... Stay healthy


Anonymous said...

Yo Glo! Love your blog! Keep up the hilariousness! Can't WAIT till you have your own show!

P.S. An illegal alien is someone who would not legally be able to work or have a license- your friend is probably a legal resident who has not yet become a Naturalized citizen- meaning you were not born in the States but you apply to become a citizen, take a test, and get sworn in. Just because someone is not a citizen does not make them an illegal... although there are plenty of people who live, work and drive illegally. If your friend pays taxes he/she is probably a legal resident also known as legal immigrant.


Anonymous said...

You're IS tiring being a caregiver. Jim IS's about baby steps. We're both working hard.
Tomorrow we BOTH have a doctor appointment. Know I will be lectured for gaining weight. It's nerves. When I worry about Jim I overeat.
PK is a cutie, however I don't know anything about how he treats you. We told both our daughters, "Don't go for how cute they are, but how they treat you ...and trust is very important.
The debate's starting now...

Anonymous said...

Hi GloZell. You and I are in agreement about all the propositions, and presidential candidate for that matter. You know, I realized there would probably be a lot of people "googling" the propositions....maybe you could do a youtube video on each one..and why you hold your opinion on them...I think you might help people to understand them more....ugghhh how terrible for the animals not to be able to lie down if they want or just spread their wings...I know we can't make everyone vegan,but at least we could be kind and give animals a chance to enjoy their ill-fated lives. ... xoxo

You have a lot of influence. More than you know.

I am in class all weekend, but I intend to see your play the following weekend.

Much Love to You. You are great.


GloZell said...

Oh thanks Anonymous..
I wish I was making any part of it up... Thanks for the illegal alien definiton.... I was thinking " Your not Mexican" how horrible am I... just being honest... legan immigrant... thanks!

See I am learning!

GloZell said...


Oh the play is Thursday -Sat... Virgin better be there Sat!

This is the first time I knew any of the Props... you are right I should blog about props.... I guess they are on line...

Thanks for the idea... hope to see you soon

GloZell said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh PK is sooooooo cute... I guess I would fall into slightly desparate.... hee hee hee...

He is very nice... his conversations are a little "Duh" but he's country... I resemble that... sweet did I metntion cute!!!!! I will heed your advice...

who has a Jesus fish bracelet?
keep healthy food at the house... you have to be the healthiest you can be.... to help Jim...

You better take care of yourself and what ever your doctor say you should do ... DO IT...
( I have to keep my white people healthy... Prop G)
Take care

Shorts Girl! said...

Glozie, you've got two weeks to register to vote!

Pk is cute! Wouldn't mind finding myself a boy like that Virgin and all! And he plays the guitar too! Gotta keep those hands busy! lol! You two can play music together.
Not all the people you see @ Home Depot are Mexicans, like I had mentioned to you before...They get "stereotyped" as all being Mexicans. Many are from Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Did you watch Leno last night?

Kevin and the band were so into what your boo was saying that they forgot to play music when your Boo introduced the segment. It was funny! How I wish you were in the audience.

Love ya!

GloZell said...

Shorts girl... that's right...
Mexicans do get lumped up in the "Depot" thing...

Keving forgot to play... ahhhhh I would have blogged the mess out of that... sounds good... thanks...