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Friday, May 30, 2008

Guns Glo Roses!

Heeey... I'm the Fonz! Whooo Hooo!


Anonymous said...

Reply to you message yesterday...we were not the Pee or the other that day. This goes back over a year, but I recall the 2 couples right in front of us who loved their drinks across the street. They were real Fergie fans and glad when Fergie had a "wardrobe malfunction" and needed to sing her new song twice.
You saved a place in line for Wolfman...I recognized him on several of your posts.
You were mentioned by the nuns who were on the NBC tour with us and the page/guide and another couple said NOT TO MISS YOU!
When the first 30 went inside the building I asked you to sing Jennifer Hudson's hit and you did a GREAT JOB for all of us.
Yes, Hope we can return before Gay leaves...OR NBC renews him and the show moves. That day was the hightlight of our week!!!!
Love ya,
Marilyn De

GloZell said...

Ooooh... yess! Okay I remember that day... I haven't sung in that room since then...
I love that you called Jay Gay... yep he is very happy...
Well I am special I got two comments from you in one week...
Yes... I have da Powah!

Thanks MD