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Friday, May 16, 2008

GloZell and her Florida Boobies!

You should pay me for these photos... guess who's modeling pictures and resume ?
Honey.... zoom in...

Feature Films
2001 Life Without Dick. Extra Columbia Pictures.
2007 Jericho.

Last Call With Carson Daly. Extra

Extra CBS-Paramount.
NBC Universal. 2007 Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra
NBC Universal. 2006 Family Feud. Extra
KTLA Studios. 2006 Jeopardy. Extra
Sony Studios. 2006
Jimmy Kimmel Show. Extra ABC.
2006 Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra
NBC Universal. 2006 Wheel Of Fortune. Extra
Sony Studios. 2005 Early Show. Extra
CBS. 2005 Good Morning America. Extra
ABC. 2005 Quite Frankly. Extra
ESPN2. 2005 Today. Extra
NBC Universal. 2005 Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra
NBC Universal. 2004 Family Feud. Extra
KTLA Studios. 2004 Hollywood Squares. Extra
CBS. 2004 Last Standing Comic. Extra
NBC Universal. 2004 Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn.
Extra CBS. 2004
Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra NBC Universal. 2003
Another World Special Edition. Extra ABC. 2003
Becker. Extra CBS-Paramount. 2003
Today. Extra NBC Universal. 2003
Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra NBC Universal.
2002 10th Anniversary Of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Featured NBC Universal.
2002 Family Feud. Extra
NBC Universal. 2002 Good Morning America. Extra
ABC. 2002 Hollywood Squares. Extra
CBS. 2002
Last Call With Carson Daly. Featured NBC Universal.
2002 Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn. Extra CBS.
2002 People's Court. Supporting ABC.
2002 The Other Half. Extra NBC Universal.
2002 Today. Extra NBC Universal.
2002 Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Extra NBC Universal.
2002 Weakest Link. Extra NBC Universal.
2001 Becker. Extra CBS-Paramount.
2001 Candid Camera. Extra
KTLA Studios. 2001 Card Sharks. Extra
KTLA Studios. 2001 Family Feud. Lead
NBC Universal. 2001 Hollywood Squares. Extra
CBS. 2001 Late Friday. Featured
NBC Universal. 2001
Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn. Extra CBS. 2001
Mad TV. Extra Hollywood Studios.
2001 Politically Incorrect. Featured CBS.
2001 The Price Is Right. Extra CBS.
2001 The Weakest Link. Extra
NBC Universal. 2001 Three Sisters. Extra
NBC Universal. 2001 Titus. Extra
CBS Radford Studios. 2001 To Tell The Truth. Extra
NBC Universal
Theatre/Stage Year Title Role
1980 Vintage School Play.
Lead NBES Theater.

Company 2006 A Chihuahua! Lead Natalieland Companies, Inc.
Role Target 2002 NBC Universal. Featured Scrubs.
2002 NBC Universal. Featured Hidden Hills.
Modeling 2006
College World Series. Principal Cingular. 2004
Talent Modeling. Principal
Talent Modeling Agency.
Company 2006 Chihuahua, Chihuahua! Lead Natalieland Companies, Inc.
2004 Natalie, Natalie! Lead Natalieland Companies, Inc.

2006 Natalieland Animal Puppet Show. Lead
Natalieland Animal Puppet Show. 2004
Natalie, Natalie Dance! Lead
Natalie, Natalie! 1985
Talent Show-Trumpet. Lead
NBMS Talent Show.
Year 2006 Knights Of Columbus Fourth Degree Exemplification.
2003 CMSU Dean's List.
1993 US Navy Basic Training Certification.
1993 US Navy Firefighting Certification.
1993 US Navy Seaman Apprenticeship Certification.
1990 TN State Senator's Award.
1989 United States Academic Achievement National Honor Roll.
1989 Who's Who Among High School Students.
1988 HCHS Perfect Attendance Award.
1987 Annual Physical Science Academic Achievement Award.
1987 HCHS Perfect Attendance Award.
1987 Physical Science Academic Achievement Award.
1986 Physical Science Academic Achievement Award.
1985 NBMS Student Of The Week Academic Achievement Award.
1980-1981 Third Place Wrestling Ribbon Award.

Course Type
2003 CMSU.
Theater Of Fine Arts Undergraduate Studies. 2003
CMSU. Film And Music Appreciation Undergraduate Studies.
1999 CMSU.
Aviation Undergraduate Studies. 1993
US Navy.
Military. 1991
Murray State University.
Fine Arts And Undergraduate General Studies.
Additional composites and references are available upon your request.
Coat: 42."Neck: 16."Sleeve: 32."Inseam: 32."Waist: 32."
Max asked me to take his picture and he is proud that he got a 100 dollar gift card from Mobil
( all of his videos are on You Tube under Wolfman Max)
You can subscribe to all of GloZell's videos for free on You Tube... glozell1
In line... I got so mad at this lady I didn't take any videos before the show...

but then I saw a guy from Belgium... taking a picture of... Winnie the Pooh... awww how cute!So I took a picture with Winnie the PoohI met Theresa who had the biggest hat I have ever seen... She was fun and so was her brother Joe...A shout out to (Anthony from CBS) and all the new interns at the E network... I love that channel....

Tonight Show Biz...
The show was great!
John Melendez has the softest hands in the world... touch his hands... wow!
The monologue was funny and gross!

Things found on Ebay... hilarious... it's a must see... people will buy anything!

Matthew Fox...

so cute, seems a little quiet or shy... so fine... sits like a man... he stands like a man... very strong kind of wide.... love it... Matthew Fox jeans was looking Delicious!

Bruno T. the judge from " Dancing with the Stars"... the clip of Bruno from an Elton John video... so funny!

Bruno was totally flirting with Matthew Fox who was not sitting as close as other guess sit...
Mathew was uncomfortable with Bruno but played it off well... Bruno was looking at him like he wanted to eat him.... Katherine Edwards... had a familiar sound nothing that wowed me.. good voice, talented... ugly looking band... good music... I heard and seen her type plenty of time... eh ( you can never have too many pictures of Matthew Fox...yummy)
While inside the lobby ( first 30 ) Wolfman Max who isn't allowed to sing... now he talks... I ended up sitting next to three girls from Florida... who just made my day... I love them and I thank them... we ended up talking after the show and they are so much fun... thanks F L A!


fan said...

Yeeeaahhhh! haha - and you're not consider an "Extra" if you're in the audience and not getting paid. Haha - priceless

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I know he'll read this so I'll be kind. Wolfman, you might want to try another career option. Do you have any other skills - maybe carpentry or plumbing? Perhaps you can paint or work on cars? I think it's time to start exploring something else.

GloZell said...

Honey... I was hollering when I saw it... hollering!... my side was hurting I was laughing so hard... I couldn't get to the camera to tape myself...
yep... priceless... oh so priceless

Have a great weekend Fan...

GloZell said...

Fightn' Mad Mary...
ya know I am going to call you for this on... I was like... what?... he has been on all these shows?
Then I saw.... Tonight Show...

Ooohhh yeah... okay... right...
but did you see his pictures...I need to meet Natalie and or his mother to get the full story... I got until Jay... well.. travels

Anonymous said...

haha wolfman! is he trying to look like the dude from big lebowski in those headshots? if you haven't seen that movie before, look it up. those are hilarious. i love his resume too. something must've happened to him in the military and now he has mental problems...

Melinda said...

I cannot believe he wanted you to post that resume for people to see. Does he really give that thing out at job interviews? Wow.

GloZell said...


Yep something had to have happen to him in the Military... or he has done acid... he has remnants of being very very smart... then he will start talking to The Easter Bunny.... I have seen him freak out and curse... the line is sometime uncomfortable and I regulate him as best I can but... he is not my issue... I look out for every one and tell them... he's nuts...
I think he gets a check from the Government... he always has money...,and food ( not always fresh) he has a nice car... that I think he lives in....

thanks for all your comments on this blog and You Tube... I am unable to leave comments on You Tube right now...don't know why...

that's it...
Take care...
I'm still Vegan and proud!

GloZell said...

This whole video thing started because if there was one thing I wanted to do ... it was to tape Wolfman singing Natalie Natalie ( you have to say it twice or he will correct you)

He has four or five gas cards, Lowes, Home Depot cards in his company's name Natalieland Inc.

He is crazy about that girl...
I hope to contact her and find out her side...
I will get to the bottom of this!
Take care...