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Friday, May 30, 2008

Special Additon... ( like I'm Opera... ) from GloZell

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I was massaging this young lady... and she told me about her book! ( Happy 40th Birthday on Saturday)

"Bones that Float"

Ahhh nice and relaxed... congratulations on all your Peace awards... and the school you both started in Cambodia... It takes a village to raise a child... even if the child is from another village... ThanksHow to follow your sex life... and hormones.. according to the Moon Cycle...

Which title should she use.. The Four Week Moon Cycle... orHormonal Bliss... please leave a comment about which name is better... either here or on Glozell1 videos on You Tube... Thanks

If you heard one black preacher you have heard them all right? Wrong...
Dr. Kenneth T. Whalum, Jr. ... is about as non traditonal as you can get... and it's working
Hip-Hop is not our Enemy

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