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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Calling All GloZell Fans

I have put up blog for last week... thanks! Still have videos to put up! So please look at the whole week...thanks! GloZell

Dan Wereszynski has started a petition called " Give GloZell a Chance"...

To: producers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The reason of this petition is to the let the producers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno know that GloZell deserves her chance to show off her talent for Jay. I put it that way to let you know she is working hard to prove her talent and NOT have a takeover and have the show renamed The Tonight Show with GloZell Green.

She put in her time, faith, effort, dues, whatever you want to call it, she’s done it. GloZell know her stuff. Give her a chance. We’re not demanding; we’re asking. The reason of this petition is to show you that we are serious.

The petition may start off slow (as most probably do) but we’ll get the ball rolling for her; as she already has a busy schedule.

And NO we are not few friends of GloZell sitting in a Kinkos in Hollywood. We are friends and fans of GloZell ACROSS THE U.S.

I think Leslie S. put it best and wrote, “…..give GloZell a chance to do what she does....let her write a few blibs for the opening monologue...what could that hurt? If you don't like them, don't use them, but at least give her the chance to show you what she really has.”


Thanks for your support...
Mom is in town... it's been hard for me to go back to blogging because it's been a VERY difficult week at NBC!

I might have the strength to start blogging again next week... maybe


Anonymous said...

Okay...hopefully next week. Hang in there with NBC. I know it's not easy.
Hope you and your Mom have had fun during her visit.
I'm secretary of our Aviation Club so we had the monthly meeting this morning and then went to a restaurant for a salad. Watched old westerns and also the Olympics. The opening ceremony last night was amazing.
We've had 45 days of triple digits this summer. Don't go out much. With age my comfort zone is getting smaller...don't like heat OR cold at all.
I'll be checking for videos of Gloria, etc.
We LOVE you, Glozell, and it hurts us when they're mean to you...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

All we are saying is.... GIVE GLOZELL A CHANCE!

G-you should check your facebook. ANd let Rachel know what you are up to with your petition.


Melinda said...

good to see you're alive and well, Glo!! I will prayer everything turns out OK at NBC!

I sure do miss your daily blogs! :(