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Friday, August 29, 2008

Glo is Berry Good!

The show was great!

Monologue was banging... ( I love the writing dream team... Kevin and Mouse! under the direction of Joe M. and the guy with all the hair (Jew Frowish but longer)... writing is great... )

Tonight Show Band was killing it... great job!

Barack Obama Skit... Great!

Aresino Hall.. aka Gums!... Okay... he was funny! I do think that he is on something or needs to be on something... he does this every time he is on the show... gets up and goes backstage EVERY BREAK~ no one goes to the bathroom that much...
but the black person saying whatever ( ghetto-y) and Jay being funny on a higher level... works... ( take that to ABC!)

The cartoon that Jay and Arsenio seemed stupid... but it was a very short clip and I should see more before ranking it...

Shawn Johnson... gymnast... amazingly cute... loved loved loved her... (she got a standing ovation)... cute bit with Shawn, Arsenio, and Jay on the beam.... They all took off their shoes...

I am sad to report that Jay has small feet... (say it ain't so!)... How does a man with a melon that big and a giant bulge in his pants ( I know... I have been looking at his crotch for over two years)... have small feet!... hmmm... maybe Biscuit had small hoofs)

CHUCK STILL GOT IT GOING ON BERRY ROCK THE MO' FO' the roof was on fire!... as soon as the music started everyone jumped up... (I only saw that happen with Prince!) and NBC is getting rid of Jay... ( I just don't believe that... not all the way convinced ...)

Chuck Berry was fire!.. when you got it you got it... and it doesn't matter what your age is... if its hot... people will watch, enjoy and there is plenty of money to be made!

Great show....

I will do a GloZell Ghetto Gossip video and put it up by tomorrow night!

Great Show must see...

Hmmmm Dan R. ( the guy who played Jay Leno in the movie " Late Night"... stopped to say hi to me... I will check what size shoe he wears....)


Anonymous said...

Oh this sucks big time! I was hoping to go to the show when Shawn Johnson would be on...didn't see her listed! This really sucks! I missed being there AND watching the show on TV. I'm pissed now...

But I'll still see ya soon Glozie!
Shorts Girl!

Anonymous said...


I just went to you boo's site! I didn't know you could watch the show online! That was such a great segment! I LOVED IT!!! Ok, so I'm happy now! Last week I bought my tix to the Gymnastics show in Sept! Can't wait!

See ya Glozie!
Shorts Girl!