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Monday, August 18, 2008

GloZell's Ghetto Gossip Show ---- The Olympics

Okay Jay... I miss the Tonight Show with.. You... but I will keep-a-going for ya!

GloZell's Ghetto Gossip Show

Today's show was made possible by

Fight'n Mad Mary ( Check her blog out under the same name) Topics... Soul Man Movie, John Edwards, ( He wanted me to be his Baby Momma ... the Political Freak!... he's cute huh?) Julia Chiles,( What is she doing with that chicken.... someone should be spying on her) and the Olympics! Wow!

Aw... Coach Bags!

and Mo'


charlie said...

Hi GlozZell,

Funny stuff. Love the "Russians and their tasty salad dressing" line. Have a great week.


GloZell said...

Hey Charlie!
Thanks so much... you have a great week also!
Take Care